Best Top 6 WhatsApp Dp’s


All the social networking sites from Facebook, Instagram to WhatsApp, all are famous for one thing i.e Profile picture or Display picture (DP).

Facebook and Instagram are known for Profile Pictures whereas WhatsApp has taken over by releasing a new name called as Display Picture (DP)


Nowadays it is been a fashion on all social websites to change Profile or Display picture as per the mood and everyday chores. For instance, we can change our profile picture according to occasions like a festival or a great/cool party at our place. People have this habit to change their profile picture depending on their mood swings like sad, happy, grateful, sorry, feeling of love, appreciation, friendship and ann never ending list.

Someone has very correctly said “ A photograph shouldn’t be just a picture, it should be a philosophy”. Our WhatsApp dp or profile picture actually conveys our feelings to the person watching it. I totally love the fact!

Over here, we have collection of the best DP’s for WhatsApp. You all can download them and put them down as your display picture to let others see what’s in your mind. Let’s see which suites you the most.

Independence Day

People love to celebrate their Independence day. Change your WhatsApp DP to your National flag showing the respect it deserves. Check out the popular dp between WhatsAppers.


We love to express our feeling of friendship be it, our best friend or an entire group. Let’s see the most famous dp till now.

Romantic WhatsApp Dp

Expressing one’s love through their WhatsApp dp is quite incredible. Let’s see some most famous romantic WhatsApp dp’s.


This is the most famous personality trait that people love to show through their WhatsApp dp.


A feeling of appreciation towards someone, this is the most amazing gift you can give to your loved ones.


These dp really get a big smile on your face for the whole day. Let’s have a look.


These were the Top 6 WhatsApp dp’s you’ll find normally on everyone’s phone. They make you happy, sad, laugh and romantic. Let’s see what you choose from them!

For any query or suggestion, please feel to write your comments below. Thank you!

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