Apps Other Than FaceTime For iPad

Technology has advanced to a great extent in the past few years, especially in the field of communication. With different means of communication, everyone is connected to each other and still feel close to each other. Sending letters or Ravens is not in fashion anymore. People used to directly call a person or text a person whenever they wanted to have a chit chat. But now, along with this, a new trend has emerged, known as the video calling. Video calling has been made quite famous these days and makes a person feel right next to the person he is video calling. There are many applications for video calling and FaceTime is one of them. But you need a strong internet connection for this.

About FaceTime:

FaceTime is an audio and video calling software launched by Apple Inc. For using this, your WiFi or cellular data is used. This application is available worldwide and is used by almost everyone all over the world. The major advantage of this is that it is free of cost on the web. Not a single penny is to be bear from your own pocket.

It is a really easy process to place a FaceTime video or the audio chat. All you have to do is to buy an iOS device and you will be able to use the FaceTime app because it is inbuilt in the latest manufactured products by Apple Inc. you do not need to download the application from the AppStore if you already own an iPhone or an iPad. It will use your Apple ID and password before you use it for logging in. Your contacts will be able to reach out to you via FaceTime app because your contacts will be uploaded from your address book.

Alternatives to Facetime For iPads:

  • Google Duo

For video calling on your iPads, you can use Google Duo as this is one of the best apps available to you. With the help of WiFi or the cellular data, you can enjoy one on one video calling. It is available on your App store and you do not need to download any APKs.

  • Facebook Messenger

The most common social networking alternative is the Facebook Messenger. With the help of Facebook Messenger on your device, you can exchange messages over Facebook. There is another feature of Facebook Messenger, and that is the video calling. This Facebook messenger can be easily downloaded for free on your iPad via the App Store.

  • Hangouts

Another popular app in the list which is available on the App Store is Hangouts App. In this app, you can have the services of both, group video calling and individual video calling. However, group calling is limited to only 10 members. Also, enjoying video calling is enjoyable with other Hangout users. bluestacks facetime know more about it. 


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FaceTime is a very useful app to have for the users. However, there are alternatives to this FaceTime app too and therefore, the users should try them out in their iPads as well, which does not have FaceTime calling.

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